Troupe Performance Warms Audiences This December

After a semester of 14 Monday evening performance classes, Bright Lights Institute's first ever Fall Troupe had the opportunity to perform for friends and family this past Friday evening, December 16. The program featured group numbers, solo musical performances, spoken monologues and two improv segments. 

Audiences were treated to a wide variety of entertainment, such as group numbers Let Your Freak Flag Fly from Shrek the Musical, to solo musical renditions from High School Musical, The Little Mermaid and more. 

"It was great to see these students come to life on stage, engaging with the audience and shining brightly in the spotlight," said Bright Lights Founder Dr. Steve Cohen. "The confidence students built through on-stage performance is a skill they can use in all kinds of professions."

The Fall Troupe program is designed to develop students singing, acting, and dancing skills through theatrical performance, improvisation techniques, group dance numbers and a variety of other activities. The program engages students so that both the first-time actor and the experienced actor leave feeling more confident, bold, and ready to present to an audience in a wide variety of venues.