Exploring the World and Upgrading Your Summer Fun


Beginning June 26th, Lee's Summit area students can meet new travelling companions and journey the world in Bright Lights Institute's "Amazing Race" summer camp. Taking its direction from the popular CBS television show, this week-long adventure allows students to build teams for competing in geographically-themed challenges from countries all around the world, without ever leaving the KC metro area. After four days of globe trekking, students will end the week testing their new-found skills and matching wits with other campers in a scavenger hunt in Kansas City's own Nelson Atkins Museum.  

"Kids loved learning about the world in our 2016 Around the World summer camp," says Program Director Renae Kitchin. "This summer we are taking the country-specific learning from last year and combining it with a variety of games and competitions that will keep kids engaged and having a blast."

Travel Itinerary
Challenges throughout the week include themed races, local artistic projects, memory games, ethnic food tasting and language decoding. Campers can plan on touching down in the following locations during camp week:

  • Monday, June 26: Kickoff the camp, meet your fellow racers and then head south to explore the rain forests and celebrations of Brazil. 
  • Tuesday, June 27: Wander the streets of Paris and climb the Eiffel tower, then make your way across the Mediterranean to try on your toga in Greece. 
  • Wednesday, June 28: Journey to Kenya to survey the Serengeti and then squeeze your way through the bustling, busy streets of India.
  • Thursday, June 29: Cool off this summer with a trip up north to the freezing cold climates of Russia, then try your luck with Sumo wrestling as we end our day in Japan.
  • Friday, June 30: Test your clue-reading ability as you venture through the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.

Come join the Bright Lights team and enroll in this "amazing" camp today!