Unpacking Mysteries to Develop Tomorrow's Solutions

Curious kids get the opportunity to explore the world of invention and experimentation during Bright Lights Institute’s “How It’s Made” summer camp. Throughout the week, campers can open up the hood and pull back the curtain to see how a variety of products, goods and services go from idea to reality. After learning how area experts achieved their dreams, campers will get the opportunity to craft their own inventions. 

"We are excited to offer kids a safe place to explore and learn," states Bright Lights Program Director Renae Kitchin. "Following a week of expert demonstrations and hands-on activities, we're looking forward to seeing what concepts these students develop."

Camp Schedule
Interested parents can reference the following schedule to see a quick sampling of the many different experiences awaiting their students at camp:

Monday, June 12
Campers will get to connect with Jennifer Trompeter of the Happy Food Co. to learn ow this local business creates fresh, healthy dinner kits for the KC Metro area. We'll also kick off the invention process by learning more about national kids that have taken their ideas from the whiteboard to reality. 

Tuesday, June 13
Legos are not only fun toys, they are easy building blocks for modeling ideas and thinking creatively. We'll take time to explore many fun creating using Legos as tools. Campers can also look forward to learning how to make homemade ice cream for a refreshing afternoon treat. 

Wednesday, June 14
Campers will get to travel to a local workshop, Fossil Forge Design, to see how a real artist creates funky sculptures and dazzling metal artwork. In the afternoon, students can take the lead creating their own sculptures using objects found around the home. 

Thursday, June 15
Misty Terrell of Happy Heart Home Products, LLC will share how she creates her own custom line of chemical-free cleaning products for households in the KC metro area. Campers will also continue to refine their own ideas, learning how to not only design an invention, but also sell the idea to an audience. 

Friday, June 16
The week concludes with the opportunity for campers to pitch their ideas to a panel of local entrepreneurs, a la Shark TankThese encouraging professionals from Ampersand Branding and Matchstick Websites will offer guidance and additional ideas to help campers learn how to grow and nurture their creative ideas. 

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