Core Learning Objectives

The three core components of the Bright Lights program are: problem solving, presentation and persuasion. Through performance-based activities, such as community service, theatrical productions, career shadowing, and exploratory arts, Bright Lights Institute empowers your student to shine brightly in the world. 


Problem solving

Rote memorization used to be an effective technique to teach children concepts and ideas. However, with technology, most information is available with a click of a button. What is more difficult to instill in a traditional classroom setting, but what is more critical to help equip them for the challenges they will face is focused critical thinking and strategic problem solving. Why doesn't this work? What can I do? What resources are at my disposal to answer my questions? Where should I start? What is the most effective path to take? What are the steps I need to get there? These are the key questions we will help students of the program learn to ask and answer.



Persuasion is the component of our program that not only equips students with life skills for success, but also allows them to direct their ideas and thoughts toward other individuals. How do I support my ideas? How do I reach an audience from vastly different backgrounds and help them draw the same conclusion as me? How do I use facts and emotion to help convince someone of my case while maintaining my values and ethics? Our program will aim at helping students understand the responsibility and power of effective persuasion.



Nearly every adult in the modern world has a need at some point or another to speak in front of a group. Effective leaders will need to be able to speak with ease, deliver with confidence, and communicate their ideas clearly. Our program will help students practice these concepts and provide them with opportunities to speak in front of their peers and adults. Our goal is to expose them to this kind of activity so much that it becomes a comfortable habit.